Friday, April 3, 2009

Upcoming release schedule

12.01.09 Fuckin' Totally (CD-EP)
07.13.10 Awesomer Than The Devil (3rd full length)
09.13.11 Sturm Und Drang Forever (4th full length)
11.29.11 Police Teeth's Greatest Hits (2xlp + data cd. Each side programmed by a different band member. Data CD includes MP3s of commentary tracks by the band that you can sync up with each album)
02.28.12 Plays For An Audience (live album. Recorded over three consecutive nights at the Sunset Tavern during the summer of 2011.)
09.04.12 Fuck You, Still Here (5th full length)
01.28.14 Get Off My Lawn (6th full length)
10.28.14 Fuckin' Totally Volume 2 (CD-EP)

We're playing a show with one of our favorite bands.
Pretty rad.

Here: More jams.

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Carly said...

That's a pretty admirable release schedule, Dick Teef. I look forward to the commentary on Greatest Hits.