Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's been a little bit quiet in the Police Teeth camp for the last little bit. Did you miss us? No? Okay, then.

So the last time you heard from us, we were perhaps on our way home from Chicago where we had a blast at the PRF BBQ. Or maybe you saw us at the Capitol Hill Block Party. Weren't those things fun?

So just to fill you in on what's going on, this weekend we'll be doing our final rehearsals (fancy word for "practice") before we go into the studio to record our third album.

The working title is "Awesomer Than The Devil," and we'll be recording and mixing over a few weekends in August and September with Dan Mohr at Mysterious Red X Studios (Where those Band Of Horses and Fleet Foxes records you read about on Pitchfork were made) in Georgetown. Some of you may know Dan as the drummer of The Bismarck, whom we've been very good friends with since our second show. We've always liked the sounds that Dan have gotten on The Bismarck's records, and we're really excited to work with someone from the family this time out.

Speaking of family, we're also excited to say that we are joining the family of Milwaukee/Chicago-based Latest Flame Records, who will be releasing "Awesomer" in early 2011. LFR's roster also includes our good friends IfIHadAHiFi and Waxeater and after meeting with LFR owner Dan Hanke last month in Chicago, we knew we wanted to join his team. While "small band signs to small label," might not be news to some of you, for a very close-knit-bordering-on-insular group like us who are used to doing everything ourselves, it's kind of thrilling to work with someone who "gets" us.

Seeing that we're now honorary Midwesterners, you can expect a Midwest tour from us, most likely in the spring. Probably a West Coast thing, too.

CLIFFS NOTES VERSION: Police Teeth in studio next week. New record out March/April 2011. Tours to follow. Latest Flame is the label that pays us. Seacrest out!

Sunday, June 6, 2010