Saturday, April 18, 2009

We played some shows. (OR, expectations are a motherfucker.)

Yeah. So on Wednesday, we played with Fucked Up at Neumo's. It was weird. I really liked playing at Neumo's, all the folks there are rad, but there was just this weird vibe/energy hanging over the show. Like, a thick black cloud of exhaustion and dread. (EDIT: this was probably just me. I am weird.) I think hell of folks were expecting the show to do much better than it did, but there were 75 tickets pre-sold for a venue that holds 800. Eventually about 200 folks trickled in, and it felt almost full with the mezzanine closed off and the main floor cut in half, but at 9:30 we played to about 30 people scowling at us, waiting for Fucked Up to come on, waiting for us to finish.

It is difficult to rock under such circumstances. More accurately, it is frustrating to try to rock an audience that flat out refuses to be rocked. Why not just stay home and watch Lost? Apparently our frustration and uncomfortableness showed as Teh Grandyz panned our performance over at Teh Line Outz. The crowd got riled up a little bit for Fucked Up, but it wasn't the full-scale riot I was hoping for from watching them on YouTube. I guess that's a Wednesday in Seattle for you. Somehow, we still managed to sell 6 CDs. Weird.

Brittany Bush took some pictures and has some nice words about the show over here. I'm glad at least someone liked it!

The Sunset was much better. We were sloppy as hell, but all we aspire to be is as good as the Replacements on a good night. It was a triumphant, defiant, confident sloppy. Viking funeral steez. Or something. Highlights include throwing a boxes worth of tampons at the Bismarck when they requested "something to stop the bleeding," and me requesting that someone send Eric Grandy a text saying that we were much better tonight than on Wednesday, and then looking over my shoulder and seeing Seattle Weekly music columnist Hannah Levin doing exactly that. Score one for the Gipper. Or Something.


We'll see you in Missoula on Saturday, April 25.

We'll be back in Seattle for an early show at the Sunset on Saturday, May 2 with Born Anchors. It'll also be broadcast on KEXP.


Brittney said...

Now I'm sitting here wondering if I was /supposed/ to hate your show. Did you actually suck? Am I too dumb to have noticed? Would any self-respecting music fan have actually had a horrible time?

Fuck it, I don't care, I had fun. Sorry you guys weren't feeling it up there.

Police Teeth said...

Eh, it wasn't terrible, it just wasn't as rad as I was hoping it was going to be. They can't all be winners.

Alex Rudolph said...
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