Sunday, February 8, 2009

Step to Tim Dog and get FUCKED UP.

We played a show at Cap's last weekend. It looked like this:

Hollie took these. Thanks Hollie.

We're playing this show on Valentine's Day. Adam got us all in big trouble with our SO's for volunteering us to play it. But it's for a good cause, so I guess it's nearly as good as us buying them puppies or something. We'll be playing a short set of songs from Factory Records artists (OMG!!!!!1 Including that one song from Marie Antoinette!!!11)

Doing the poster for the CD Release Show on Monday. I'll probably throw that up here afterwards.

Hey, we have a Facebook group now, because MySpace is for little-ass kids.

Now, as a tip of the had to Vancouver, BC's excellent Ladyhawk, I'm going to leave you with a series of quality jams. Get into them.