Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fuck you, I'm eating.

Hey all,

Sorry this has been ignored for the last bit.

Anyway, we started of the year by playing two house shows with Crossfox. Both shows were great fun.

Special mention must go to the Bellingham show we played at Friendship City. I can say for all of this that this was one of the best shows we've played in Bellingham in quite a while. Probably our best since becoming a four piece. Thanks to the fine folks at this home who let us be loud. Chris Vita from Crossfox took the live shot below:

The flier above is for our show next Saturday, the 31st, with Helms Alee. This is the new band fronted by Ben Verellen, formerly of the mighty Harkonen. Bradley Lockhart did the kick ass flier.

This show will also be our Bellingham release show for Real Size Monster Series, as we should be getting the finished product on Monday. Some other release shows are listed on our 'space calendar.

Okay, that's it for now.