Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Re-Boot!

Welcome to the Police Teeth blog 2.0. We never really updated the old one, for the following reasons.

1.) Only I had the password.

2.) I would rather be scouring eBay for old Bassman heads or watching Cannibal Holocaust with the girlfriend than blogging.

3.) A huge portion of the shows we've played so far this year have totally blown goats. The less you have to read about them, the better. 

4.) We've been busy writing and recording our second album.

About that album? It's called Real Size Monster Series, and we recorded ten of the songs at Egg Studios with Conrad Uno. An eleventh song was recorded at our practice space. Real Size Monster Series is 38 minutes long, and will be released on 12" vinyl on 2.24.09.

Speaking of shows that totally blew goats, we played ReverbFest at the beginning of this month. The only thing that blew goats about it was that I kept unplugging my guitar whenever I stepped on my tuner. Other than that, I think it was probably one of the top 5 shows I've ever played in Seattle. It looked like this. 

Sarah Murphy took these. She also takes other photos. Check them out. 

This guy was at the show. He said we were pretty good, but apparently Chris and I need to stop writing so many songs about music, and start writing more songs about big tits and hot rods. Vroom vroom! We'll get right on it.

We're playing a show on Thursday, October 30 with The Cops and The Blind Shake at the Sunset again. A poster will be posted as soon as I make one.