Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are we a punk band?

I've noticed that when others are discussing our band and our music, the "p" word is dropped quite often. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way offended or perturbed by this, whatsoever. I grew up with with punk rock, and it has either saved or ruined my life depending on how I'm feeling that day. As a band, I think Police Teeth are definitely inspired by punk, but not necessarily of it. Also, if we ever shared a bill with bands with mohawks and bondage pants and shit, they'd tell us to "get off the stage, pussies" while pelting us with bottles.

I digress.

Real Size Monster Series is out, and so far the response has been great. You should be able to purchase it at Everyday Music in Bellingham and at Sonic Boom and Easy Street in Seattle. If you don't live in either of those places, you should PayPal us some money, because my hunch tells me that Touch And Go didn't open the package Blood City sent them looking for a distro deal. Bummer.

We played some shows last weekend.

Friday at the Sunset was great. Not a blockbuster by any means, but the people who did show up were great. A lot of unfamiliar faces, which means that a lot of folks there were probably checking us out for the first time, and judging by how many CDs Nate Bismarck sold at our merch table, I think we left a good impression. Score one for the 'Teeth. Arbitron rocked out some fierce electro-damaged AmRep noise, and we will probably never tire of playing with The Bismarck.

Saturday was at the Cabin Tavern in Bellingham where rock shows have been happening more frequently. It's fun when rock shows happen at non-rock bars so's you can watch the reactions of confused WWU brahs and Vietnam vets. We played Tunnelvision's "Watching The Hydroplanes" at this one, which is slowly but surely becoming a staple, and I wouldn't be surprised if we recorded it at some point. Black Eyes rule, the Russians rule. You already knew that.

Sunday was at the Old Foundry in Bellingham again. We thought an all-ages show on a Sunday would be a bust. Yeah, we were wrong. It was fun playing with Octagon Control again. I really like those guys. Singer dude referred to his sunglasses as his "hipster costume." I told him that it was real "authentic" and "meaningful" and "us AltBros have to stick together." Hee! No Screamers cover this time. Transmography were hell of dank, and the Marmits were at once uplifting and disturbing.

We're going on tour! Well, as close to tour as dudes with grown-up jobs, kids, and serious relationships can get. We're doing northern California and the Bay Area in May with Mount Vicious, and probably the Midwest (MPLS, MKE, CHI, and uh, Bloomington) in September. Both are going to be quick four and five day stints. Have you ever had to drive through Wyoming? No? Then shut the fuck up. In between those two trips we will do the tracking for Fuckin' Totally.

Now, once again, I will leave you with another series of quality jams.


graham said...

I think to punks and metalheads you're an indie band and to indie kids or electro-brats, you're a punk band.
seems to work.

conanneutron said...

Yeah, god damned Wyoming: AKA: SURFACE OF MARS.
ALA: the only state that has freeway exits that turn out on dirt roads.

Alli, Dre and Brian are going to get exposed to that this summer... heh.

You guys have punk appeal, but are solidly post-punk in my mind. People love to classify things though.


D Wayne said...

Play Kansas city, Look up the Gravyard, The manheim, and the asshole castle. All phenomenal venues within a block of each other and play here. Now. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Police Teeth said...

Thanks D Wayne! We played Lawrence last summer, would love to make it back down there again some day!