Monday, October 15, 2012

"Police Teeth" out TOMORROW

Hey all.

As you might know, our fourth album will be officially released tomorrow, 10/16.  It's self-titled, and it's out on the great Latest Flame records.  You can buy it directly from Dan at Latest Flame or from us at our Bandcamp.

We're leaving on tour in just a few days.  11 shows in 9 days.  Can't wait to get back to the Midwest and see all of our friends and play with a bunch of amazing bands.  Here are the dates and the tour poster:

10/19: In-studio on Radio K, 4:30 PM CST (
10/19: Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar w/ Animal Lover, Big Box, Toxic Shrews
10/20: Dubuque, IA @ Off Minor w/ Ezra, Amerik Inquisition
10/21: Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge w/ Jabberjosh, Muscle Worship
10/22: St Louis, MO @ CBGSw/ Jabberjosh, the Conformists
10/23: Louisville, KY @ Mag Bar w/ Neighbor, Trophy Wives
10/24: Indianapolis, IN @ Melody Inn w/ Male Bondage, Girlpool
10/25: Bloomington, IN @ The 700 Club w/ Waxeater
10/26: Chicago, IL @ Quenchers w/ Bear Claw, Fake Limbs, Book-Burners
10/27: Kenosha, WI @ House of Moody (3:00 PM day show!)
10/27: Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters w/ IfIHadAHiFi, Elusive Parallelograms, LLTTTD

Our friend Clyde of Your Heart Breaks and Cold Lake fame made a video for "Emmanuelle in Renton".  You can watch it below:

Police Teeth "Emmanuelle in Renton" from Do it for the girls on Vimeo.

Our next Seattle show is Friday, November 9th.  We're honored to be sharing the stage with Joel RL Phelps and the Downer Trio and the debut performance of Glose (featuring members of the Ruby Doe and Madraso!).  We'll have the new LPs in tow for that show as well!

Thanks for your support, and we'll see ya on the road in a few days!


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