Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Police Teeth's Ride Over Nordland -- SF in December, 2009!

Dude, we're huge in the Bay Area. For serious. When we finally get around to recording our live album (working titles: "Live at Dudokan," "Unleashed in the Least," "Inferior Versions of Songs You Already Own," "Plays to an Audience!"), it will likely be taped at thee Parkside, the Hemlock, the Elbo Room, or the fabulous Pittsburgh's Pub down the street from Richard Necklace's swank pad by the ocean.

We love the Bay Area.

So when our buddy Conan Neutron (of Replicator / Mount Vicious infamy) asked us to come down and play his birthday show, we were on it like a pitbull on a mailman's leg.

And since we're lugging our wares ("wares" here is a euphemism for "asses," dig) all the way from the dank wilds of the Northwest, we opted to rustle up a second show with some of our favorite bands to round out the weekend.

Here are the details:

* Saturday, December 5 -- Conan's Birthday Party, with Police Teeth, the Turks, Hurry Up Shotgun, and a killer guest @ the Lobot Gallery (West Oakland --

* Sunday, December 6 -- Generalissimo, Police Teeth, and Truxton @ Kimo's (SF --

We'll all be in town by Friday evening, so try to hunt us down that night for a ration of hijinx (last trip to SF saw us running around the streets in various stages of undress, eating your pizza, drinking your beer, hondo-ing at your neighbors, and generally being mild nuisances to the arbiters of good taste).

Kick it or stick it -- the choice is yours!