Friday, September 18, 2009

A Message From Bradley R. Weissenberger.

Bradley R. Weissenberger, a very funny man, once said this:

"Note to bands: please don't tell me that you are on a break. You are either still together (and I can anticipate/dread future shows and records from you at some point) or you have broken up.

"On a break" is a great example of band hubris. "Hey! We're not doing anything at all! This is what we're telling you, so make note of it! Pay attention to the fact that we are doing nothing at all!"

So, yeah. We're not "on a break," we're actually very busy. Writing, demoing, rehearsing, playing with other groups, working, living, but we're not booking any shows. We have a small handful of shows in October, and there's a quick trip to the Bay Area (where we are actually much more popular than we are in Seattle, ha!) planned for December, and then well, nothing. And it feels good.

We're going to be writing and rehearsing for a new album that we hope to record early next year. I think it's going to be quite a bit different than our last two. I think the live show is going to change quite a bit as well.

So, we're going to need some time to figure all that out. We would love to play with your band or at your club, but now's not a good time, sorry. Unless we've already talked to you about a certain date, all booking requests are going to be politely declined until further notice.

You can anticipate/dread future shows from us in the Spring of 2010, with a new record to follow a few months after that. Until then, you may anticipate/dread future shows by Police Teeth affiliated groups such as Cold Lake, Diet Christ, Crucial Point, Rhine Of Bro, and the Sharon Stone Filmography. At least 60% of those bands are real.

all the best,
James/Police Teeth

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