Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm gonna mispronounce your name all night

So we had ourselves a little weekend trip during the last weekend in April, the 24th and the 25th. This is notable as the first trip we've done that involved two since not in either Seattle or Bellingham.

The morning of Friday the 24th awoke with us finding out that we were actually confirmed for a show at Ray's Golden Lion. We were planning on being in the Tri-Cities anyway that evening to break up the drive to Missoula and stay with Adam's mom.

When we got to Ray's, we found out we were playing with five other metal bands. We sucked it up and asked to play first, as we were pretty sure the kids there wouldn't be too into our post-working class punk. One of the aforementioned metal bands was kind enough to lend me a bass cab, as I hadn't brought one on this trip to size constraints in the van.

Our set went surprisingly well though. We tore through songs from Real Size, two planned for Fuckin' Totally, and our cover of "Watching the Hydroplanes" that is fast becoming our "Won't Get Fooled Again"/"Sister Ray"/"Diamond Sea". People seemed to like it. Enough that Greg McBride was able to sell some CD's for us.

The rest of the night was spent watching the other bands and drinking to celebrate Richy's birthday eve.

The next day, Adam's mom prepared us a delicious breakfast, we stopped at Adam's dad's and said hello, and then made our way to Missoula. Missoula has always been very good to us, so we were very stoked to be back for the first time in a year-and-a-half.

We got to town and bit early, stopped at the always excellent Ear Candy, then made our way to our friends Ben and Darcy's house for some grubage.

Since it was Richy's birthday, I had asked Ben and Darcy to help me make it special for Mr. Birthday Boyer. They did not disapoint:

After some awesome food, we headed over to the Palace for the night's show with the Victory Smokes and Places.

We had some minor snafus during load-in. Hoight from the Smokes had given us a key card so we could use the elevator. But, there was another code that had to be entered that we kind of blew. James ended up being stuck in an elevator for several minutes while we tried to get everything figured out:

Eventually, we got all the gear down the elevator and waited for the show to start.

The Smokes kicked off the night, and were great as usual, even with some gear issues. Pat may be the most joyful looking drummer EVER. We played pretty well, and got a Missoula-worthy reception from the audience. Ben took the photos below:

Places headlined, and were great as well. Turns out two of the members of son's of Missoula legend Checkers, whom we'd been told to say hi to by some guy on teh internetz.

After the show, we went back to Ben and Darcy's, drank more, ate pizza, and eventually went to sleep.

The next day, we gave ourselves some more time to enjoy Missoula, including a round of sandwiches at the Staggering Ox. Then we made the long drive home.

Of course, a long drive in the van will instill a certain amount of madness. We were no exception, especially since our van is pretty cramped, and we don't have the ability to zone out on the road that we used to have. Suffice to say, things got a little silly, and I made a few videos to document things:

Suffice to say, we had a great, great time on this trip. We all agreed this was about the most fun any of us had had playing out of town shows in a long time.

Next up is our N. CA tour with Mount Fucking Vicious over Memorial Day weekend. Saying we are excited for this trip is putting it far, far too lightly. The MV folks are some of the nicest/funniest people we've had the pleasure of rocking with, and we can't wait to urinate in their beds. Or maybe that's just me. The full dates are on our 'space.

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