Sunday, November 30, 2008


Mount Vicious blogged about the shows we did with them so I wouldn't have to. Peep game.

The layout and artwork for Real Size Monster Series will be totally 100% done by tonight. This thing is going to look nearly as good as it sounds. Groundwork for the CD release shows are being laid. February 27th and 28th, right here in Seattle, WA. Get into it.

What energy and time isn't going to releasing the new album is going into new jams, as always. A demo of a new song, "Hatchet Wound City," is going to be featured on the new Beep Repaired comp. We've been writing for an EP that will hopefully come out in the fall. Song titles include: "Send More Cops," "Foreclosed In The Ass," "Dude Handler's Permit," "DC Shit Talk," "Krumholz Institute," "Summertime Bruise," "High Heels, Low Blow," all of the patented non-sequiturs that have made Police Teeth a household name in pop music.

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Mount said...

"Obama pimps white women AND black women!"

Aww man, I was looking forward to hearing the Police Teeth version of the tale.

Of course my version was so Joycean in length the only people that read it were people that were there or want something. heh.
(or at least people that commented)

I'm sure there were some salient details that were forgotten... (actually I know there were, I did do a little judicious editing)

BUT REGARDLESS! thank you for the linkage.